zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Evolution of Innovation Management

Een nieuw boek: “Evolution of Innovation management” wordt op 15 februari 2013 uitgegeven. Alexander Brem and Eric Viardot zijn de editors. Het boek gaat over het feit dat Innovatie wordt gezien als de key driver voor performance en groei in de business. Innovatie zorgt voor een sterk concurrentie voordeel en sterk onderscheidend vermogen. Het is de manier om veranderingen versnelt door te kunnen voeren en het aanpassingsvermogen te versterken in de global environment.

De uitgever geeft het volgende aan:

Concurrently, the topic of innovation is also gaining increased visibility and interest among academic communities worldwide. However, some of the challenges of innovating are remarkably consistent and recent times have shown the emergence of new ways for stimulating and managing the innovation process, especially from an international perspective. Even if these processes are taking place in very different industries, there are many parallels in successfully managing them.

The new book explores these new routes and assesses their value both for markets and companies. More specifically, the book is organized around three themes:
• Innovation Strategies
• Innovation Management Tools
• International Perspectives

Samen met Robin Chu (team member in mijn Business Innovation team en een van onze top strategic analyst) heb ik hoofdstuk 15 mogen schrijven: “Creating an Environment for Successful Innovation - A Management Consultant's Perspective”.

Voor verdere detailinformatie bezoek de Palgrave: http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?pid=550299

Notes on Contributors

Symbiotic Innovation: Getting the Most Out of Collaboration; R.J.Thomas & Y.Wind

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Measuring the Success of Open Innovation; E.Brau, R.Reinhardt & S.Gurtner

Can SMEs in Traditional Industries be Creative?; J.M.Zabala-Iturriagagoitia

Scenario-based Learning Architectures as a Management Tool; N.Pfeffermann & H.Breuer

Social Network Analysis – an Important Tool for Innovation Management; G.Drexler & B.Janse

The Evolution of Mobile Social Networks through Technological Innovation; V.Ratten

Exploring the Role of Early Customers in the Commercialization of Innovation; F.Frattini, G.Colombo & C.Dell'Era

Managing Communities of Practice to Support Innovation; S.Borzillo & R.Kaminska

Joining Innovation Efforts using both Feed-forward and Feedback Learning: the Case of Japanese and Korean Universities; I.Oh

Innovation Management Reflections: a Brazilian Market Perspective; F.A.Salum, R.S.Reis & H.Ferreira Braga Tadeu

The Global Importance of Innovation Champions: Insights from China; A.Kriz, C.Molloy & B.Dennes

Frugal Innovation; P.M.Banerjee

Flexible Working, Mobility and IT Innovation and ICT in 2012 – The Case of Flexible Working; R.Costa-i-Pujol

Creating an Environment for Successful Innovation - A Management Consultant's Perspective; K.Klokgieters & R.Chu

Conclusion; A.Brem & E.Viardot